Or are they more like guidelines?

You can’t just go posting photo willy nilly to make a 365 photo blog! Oh no, there has to be structure and a little bit of common sense.

  1. Photos must be taken by me.
  2. One photo a month can be taken by someone else, but I must be the main subject of the photo.
  3. Photos taken more than 7 days ago may not be posted, unless they are part of Throw Back Thursday.
  4. A photo older than 7 days may be used once a month, and only on a Thursday. This is Throw Back Thursday.
  5. If the Throw Back Thursday photo isn’t taken by me, then I may post one other photo that month that is taken by someone else.
  6. The same subject of a photo may not be posted more than once a month.

Others may or may not choose to follow these rules, but hopefully this will give me some structure to make sure I don’t take photos of my workplace every day!